Another 10 reasons that make test automation challenging

The other days I was reading about the top 10 reasons why test automation is flaky which I found very true and perhaps the most spread in my experience.

The article made me think of all the projects I’ve been involved and what were the challenges I faced. I must say that no test automation approach was easy. Some of them were rewarding, others were good enough, while others successfully failed.

So, in addition to the initial top 10, I put together another 10 challenges I constantly face when dealing with test automation effort. My overall conclusion before jumping to the list is:

“The beauty of test automation consists in the challenges we face”

  1. Creating a test automation team isolated from product team
  2. Not using widely spread patterns
  3. Automate a product which was not designed for that
  4. Expecting one automation framework to fit all sizes, all situations
  5. Not being able to say NO
  6. Test automation owned only by testers and not involving the team in the effort
  7. Not getting development’s commitment to support automation
  8. Just because is TEST automation, does not mean it is solely a TESTER’s responsibility to do it
  9. Not using test automation results  to guide your testing activities (as Richard Bradshaw mentioned in a recent video: every failed test is an invitation to explore).
  10. Using the test pyramid to guide your testing efforts (see: John Stevenson post where he presents a different view of the pyramid model)

What are your challenges?

Enjoy testing!

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