The tester I’ll strive to be

We’re living crazy times. Crazy times in which the software industry is on a trending line. As for software testers, the challenges are numerous and constantly changing due to a high demanding market and short deadlines.

Keith Klain, recently blogged a radiography of what testing actually implies and what does it take to embrace a career in software testing.

While I agree with every line of the post, Keith also raises the concern of a misinterpreted software testing role.

What I like most is that there is no references to technical knowledge or other types of technologies. Is the core of what testers should embrace or be aware of if he/she is willing to become an expert in the craft of testing.

So let’s try to define part of a job description based on Keith’s post. Here it goes:

Company X is looking for testers who are committed to make a change in the current craft of software testing.

The tester we’re looking for is willing to tackle the current industry view, where software testing is seen as “commoditised, devalued and misunderstood

The ideal candidate should know how to approach situations in which his activities are considered skip-able and subject to changes.

We like crazy people with crazy ideas, because we value activities in which “Testers spend their days trying to figure out what “might” go wrong by looking for ways a product is already broken – staring into the cosmic abyss of the impossibility of complete testing for all of us takes it toll.

While being aware of the competition and misconceptions within the industry, we encourage our testers to challenge “unenlightened vendors, consultants and “experts” undermining their own value proposition by selling “bug free” methodologies, certified super-tester training programs and “automated algorithmic defect predictonators”.

If you are a strong opponent of the following:“testing is: too slow, does not understand the business, unnecessary, needs to be automated”… or “testing is expensive and provides little value for money”,  then this job is for you.

As a company we recognise your craft and we are aware that “testing is hard!”.

We value every little crazy idea that you want to share, because we value a crazy person who is  willing to be up for this challenge.

Since our core value is “no shortcuts to success” we offer a long term commitment to help us break the myths of software testing and really help businesses to be successful in their own area of interest.

It’s up to us, testers, to be part of the change and contribute towards it. Looking forward for the day when such job descriptions will be used.

Until then, enjoy testing!


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