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Why automated functional testing?

The following lines were released under a QA White Paper, written by one of the best Software Testing Engineer within HP, Paul Grossman “In functional testing, testers execute applications following test suites designed to exercise and test application functionality. They collect results, compare to what is expected, and report the outcome. Once the test suite […]

JIRA vs. Bugzilla

Bugzilla and Jira are all popular forms of issue/bug tracking software. They are software applications that focus on tracking reported software bugs that may be present within a programmers work.A big tracking system generally utilizes a database, where bugs are tracked and recorded. The information includes the summary of a bug, the project, component, bug […]

Agile as the new QA fashion

The idea behind the Agile approach is that instead of building a release that is huge in functionality (and often late to market), an organization would adapt to dynamic changing conditions by breaking a release into smaller shorter cycles of 1 to 6 weeks called sprints.Agile Software Development is a methodology for undertaking software development […]