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Yes, I will


Yes, I will…. not hesitate to choose the right testing option even if it’s not the easy one. say no, if what you ask me to do, conflicts with my professional ethic. take my part of responsibility on a failed project. skip meetings with no agenda or specific purpose refuse to do test automation, just […]

Testers, start using your time wisely


There’s a lot of debate going on around testers not taken seriously. Huib Schoots describes it as “testers cannot explain what they do all day” so how can they be taken seriously? Conferences like Romanian Testing Conference 2016 created themes as “Mastering testing”, while Stephen Janaway raises the concern that testers are “bad at explaining what we do […]

2016, the future of testing is bright


Looking back in 2015, I realize how much has happened within the testing community. The number of testing conferences increased, testing magazines are wide spread, more and more communities talking about the craft of testing and the list can continue.  Overall, I’m really glad I’m part of the community and leave the moments. Well the […]