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Testing from pseudoscience to science


Couple of years ago I started my doctoral studies in the area of software testing. I wanted to research “The differences in testing approaches in different organizational cultures”. While I decided to postpone it due to some personal beliefs on the value of a doctoral diploma, the scientific method of doing software testing is one […]

Be in charge of your professional growth


Last week, I humbly accepted the invitation of talking about professional growth in front of a group of software testers . While the local software industry is constantly increasing and software testers are still in demand, positive experiences and success stories are often overlooked. As testers, we need to encourage testers to talk about their […]

Testing for Oracle Active Queues

Oracle Advance Queuing is Oracle’s message queuing facility, available as of Oracle 8.0.3 and first database-integrated  messaging system in the industry. Messaging Gateway, an Oracle9i Advanced Queuing feature, enables communication between applications based on non-Oracle messaging systems and Oracle’s Advanced Queuing (AQ) feature. Advanced Queuing provides the propagation between two AQ queues to enable e-business […]

Exploratory Testing, why, where and how

Exploratory software testing is a powerful approach, yet widely misunderstood. In some situations, it can be orders of magnitude more productive than scripted testing. All testers practice some form of exploratory testing, unless they simply don’t create tests at all. Yet few of us study this approach, and it doesn’t get much respect in our […]