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Be in charge of your professional growth


Last week, I humbly accepted the invitation of talking about professional growth in front of a group of software testers . While the local software industry is constantly increasing and software testers are still in demand, positive experiences and success stories are often overlooked. As testers, we need to encourage testers to talk about their […]

Yes, I will


Yes, I will…. not hesitate to choose the right testing option even if it’s not the easy one. say no, if what you ask me to do, conflicts with my professional ethic. take my part of responsibility on a failed project. skip meetings with no agenda or specific purpose refuse to do test automation, just […]

I got Ctrl-D


Apparently, a collaboration with an event organizing company is not a bad idea at all. Thank you Agentia Respect for investing your time and effort in getting involved to make  RTC2014 a better event. Also, thank you for the opportunity of getting my head out of my world and share my thoughts and ideas around […]