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Start fresh, start now!


For over 10 years, I’ve been a tester, manager, test architect, consultant or strategist for various projects and clients. Most of the people I’ve met during these times encouraged me, challenged me, helped become better, stronger, wiser. For me, all the past 10 years were an opportunity to define myself, reinvent myself and constantly looking […]

Santa Clause does not bring you testing


“Who is paying for the testing activities and why?” Based on a series of very recent events, it occurred to me that one area of software testing which is often neglected, relates to “how do we get to test?” Scene 1 – It all started with a conversation during coffee breaks, about my current testing activities. During conversations […]

The Testing Survey 2015


State of Testing Survey 2015 Countdown They did it once and they are doing it again. Joel Montvelisky and Practitest team are ready to launch the 2015’s Survey on the Current Status of Testing. Since 2014’s survey was considered a big success (over 600 respondents), they want to reach the 1000 milestone for the one to come. On […]