Be in charge of your professional growth

img_8771Last week, I humbly accepted the invitation of talking about professional growth in front of a group of software testers . While the local software industry is constantly increasing and software testers are still in demand, positive experiences and success stories are often overlooked. As testers, we need to encourage testers to talk about their roadmaps, struggles, ups & downs. We need to emphasis that positive results without hard work is just a myth. Testers need to see beyond their day to day activities and try to reach people beyond office walls. Testers simply need to

“Stop trying to ‘solve’ the problems others have allegedly been trying to solve for decades now”

Talking with testers I noticed that the more you stay within a company, your capacity of innovation and professional growth diminishes. To overcome this, I think that people should break their daily habits and try diversity from time to time. My presentation in front of such audience was meant to offer the break through from daily activities and I salute it!

I chose to talk about “ Be in charge of your professional growth”, while addressing

  • the idea of having a mentor and the importance of sharing your thoughts with somebody who can challenge you.
  • the importance of getting involved in various testing activities as a volunteer and the benefits that come with that.
  • the difficult moments when one simply has to get out of their comfort zone and tackle new testing or communication challenges
  • how reading books improved my testing skills

In closure of the session, the audience accepted the challenge to plan at least one activity which will enhance their testing career. Every tester in the room committed in front of the group to complete the objectives within a 6 months timeline. In exchange for their commitment I promised to follow-up in 6 months and ask on their progress. It’s an experiment in which I’m looking forward for the outcome.

Until then, happy testing!


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