Dear Selenium….

Dear Selenium,
You’re killing me softly! It’s been 7 years since we started working together. I’ve seen you grow, while you taught me great things. You are a mature product now, you’ve become a W3C standard. I always admired your stuberness to help everyone and get involved in everything, but this comes with a price.
I think you are being misunderstood. You’ve created a lot of vibe, lots of test engineers are looking forward to have you, teach you and own you, but with no prevail. While you seem an easy win in the beginning, people end-up in frustration trying to get acquainted with you. Your list of expectations and necessities is pretty long. Programming or scripting skills, OOP, HTML, CSS, XUnit, Data Modelling, Design Patterns, Networking knowledge, are just some of them.
You’re not cheap either and I’m not talking about license fees. All the above skills require time and energy and lots of effort. While tackling each one of them, you start being picky when it comes to browsers. You seem to favour Firefox, but you’re not going easy with all others. You are too complex, yet too flexible and always anxious. You need to learn being patient without constantly telling you to Implicit or Explicit Wait.
You must be frustrated as well. You’re very good at handling UI elements, but people somehow misunderstood your culture, your mindset and started using your practices in wrong ways. When it comes to writing tests, they forgot about defining small scopes and just start writing e2e tests.
You constantly try to adapt and support new browsers, while browsers are doing little effort in return. A good collaboration requires a mature and open communication.
E2E tests means hard work for you and while you struggle to complete every single test, you often fail. You don’t always recognize the instructions or you are not given proper instructions and this can be difficult for you as well. Failing is good, it allows us to improve, that’s why you need to shift to a new perspective.
I know you’re just a tool and is little you can do. But majority of your users do not understand your culture, your mindset.
You need to talk more about yourself and don’t let other do the talk for you. In my long testing experience, I’ve never seen two frameworks sharing similar approaches. While diversity is good, people are missing a raw model to be inspired from. It’s your time to act and it’s my time to act, too
I’ll start setting up correct expectations to people by telling them that test automation is not easy nevertheless Selenium.
I’ll tell them that it takes time to reach a confidence level in using the webdriver.
I won’t forget mentioning to testers to keep trying, cause while you seem an overwhelming product at first, you are good deep in your source code.
I don’t expect an answer, although having one will tell me that you care about other people experience and you’re willing to improve.
Towards a great collaboration forward, here’s a potato

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