DPIT – first grooming session

The team joined the office around 11.00 am, full of enthusiasm and energy. I notice their positive attitude and start to wonder whether I will be able to keep up with their energy.

We started talking about what does it take to build an Android app.First thing on the board was the Android app, obviously, a back-end and a database. On the communication between the 3 major components some diagrams were sketched with Http requests and responses, the role of the database and how the information is transferred from the database, via the server to the Android app

Next step was to define the functionality of the app. I presented them the format of a classic Acceptance criteria using the “Given When Then” keywords and everyone started to write post-its with functionality required. It was the moment when we realized the full potential of the application and the positive implications in the community. But there was one tiny little problem: we only had 3 months to implement and test, while only 3 of the members had beginner programming skills, in either Java or C++.

So we needed a strategy to tackle this project to make it work. #nopressure

Than I remembered the Lean Startup methodology and the MVP concept which I read not long ago. So we dived into that immediately. From the huge backlog of awesome, inspiring, smart ideas to be implemented we started to filter the ones which truly provide business value and an interest for potential investors.

It was a long conversation with challenges and debates. It was a WOW moment. A team of highschool students between the ages of 15 and 17 were able to have a mature, responsible conversation for our next work items.  I wish I had a team with such skills and level of involvement. Once defined, we’ve created a Trello board in the classical Kanban style where all Tasks were defined in a ToDo column.

It was a long and exhausting session. We ordered pizza, talked about UnTold and Electric Castle and we called it a day.

I guess that my hopes towards the future generations is fully restored

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