DPIT – pilot episode

…or Discover your Passion in IT, is a program designed by IT companies for highschool students with a single purpose – “IT is not just about development. it’s also about testing, business analysts, design, project management and many more. So we want to allow people to find their place in this big world of technology”

On short, DPIT consists of 12+ teams of 5, working to deliver a minimum viable product within 3 months of work, guided by a mentor/coach to enable them achieve their target.

I got involved in this program without knowing too much about the program or any specific details. It just sounded cool and I was always keen to get closer to high school teenagers and understand their needs and thinking.  Fast forward, couple of days after I said yes, the team met for the first time at Qubiz office. This is how I met: Andreea Р9th grade, Andreea Р10th grade, Serban -11th grade, Alex Р11th grade and Andrei Р11th grade.

Each one of them had an idea for a project, all ideas very impressive and fun, too. After debates and talks, the team had to vote the best idea to invest in: FastJobs.

FastJobs is designed as a mobile app which acts as a platform for local small businesses, individual or local events to hire unqualified people (between the age of 16 and 25) to work by the hour. ¬†Examples of jobs would be: “walk my dog”, “paint the fence”, “help me load/unload truck”, etc.

I was amazed by the enthusiasm and the energy these kids have. We spent almost 2 hours talking about the application, their experience with computer programming and their expectations. I found out that Andreea 9th grade she’s passionate about computer gaming, Andreea 10th grade she enjoys reading. Alex is at his second participation in the program and passionate about programming. Serban has all the ideas about the program, while Andrei really wants to win.

We also established some house keeping rules. We all agreed that:

  • we only meet if there are at least 2 team members available
  • while there is unfinished homework, there is no untried homework
  • we meet at least once every week for at least 3 hours
  • everything that is decided, we decide as a team and commit to it as a team
  • the main purpose is to learn
  • we don’t care if we win or lose, as long as we learn something useful.
  • I only help them fix bugs, but I don’t write any implementation for them.

All set, ready, steady, go!

To be continued….



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