Test Automation Workshops

When performed properly, automation testing is a key factor for the success of your development life cycle. Against all odds, test automation is not about testers, but the entire team, including management.

Attending such automation workshop, you will be able to:

  1. learn everything you need to start your own automation efforts
  2. choose the write tool set
  3. know why becoming a craftsmanship is important
  4. learn how can you gain the buy-in of your manager to support your automation approach

During my workshops I talk about:

  • Introduction and fundamentals
  • Why we automate
  • Compare tools and the benefits of each
  • Automation frameworks
  • Unit Test Frameworks
  • What to automate and what to not automate – cost benefit models
  • Automation Management and Lifecycle
  • Data generation
  • Creating an Automation Test Plan
  • Know your stuff
  • Summary and pulling it all together