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For over 10 years, I’ve been a tester, manager, test architect, consultant or strategist for various projects and clients. Most of the people I’ve met during these times encouraged me, challenged me, helped become better, stronger, wiser. For me, all the past 10 years were an opportunity to define myself, reinvent myself and constantly looking to improve. I managed to identify my weaknesses and my strengths, know my limits and define my professional conduct.

At first I wasn’t sure if I’m going to succeed as a tester, until I found my path, my niche. Then I became a Principle Tester and a Test Architect and suddenly realised that this is my thing. The thing I love and want to invest time, effort, sweat, feelings, to go all the way.

The motivation of my work comes from various sources: creativity, books, friends, conference speakers, but mostly from the people I work with. They are the ones who can highlight the value of my work, provide feedback, enable me to adapt and become a better version of me.

In the absence of feedback and clear purpose for my current assignments, I need to stay strong and move forward.

And this is where I find myself at the moment. I need to stay positive, keep pushing and keep trying. Because I know that out there, are many excellent companies with good management that create working environments where I can find my spot. This is me, out of my comfort zone, where I push for change – a change towards a new challenge.

I’m ready to be involved in activities such as pre-sales, testing strategies, implementing test automation frameworks and solutions, do performance testing or train testers in various areas of testing.

So starting October, I’m open to invest my craft, my passion for testing, for people, for technology, my willingness to learn, in any company who considers that I can fit in their landscape.

I’m ready to take part of the next big thing!


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