Software Testing World Cup 2014 – my side of the story

Aaahh, Friday afternoon, left the office early and ready to start the weekend. Calling my spouse to set-up the plan for tonight…when all of a sudden, it strikes! STWC2014 takes place tonight and I’m part of the jury! How did I forget that?. Well, I knew what I have to do, so I pursued doing it…picked up the phone and offered to prepare dinner.

2 hours later and a couple of marinated pork ribs, we were ready to kick off the Europe preliminary with 250 teams ready to prove their testing skills during a 3 hours session.

Matt and Maik were already online, preparing the setup for the live broadcast…few clicks, a couple of sound checks and with 10 minutes delay (technology sometimes works against you), we were live and ready to answer questions.

It was my first time doing this or attending such an event, so I had no idea what to expect. I felt a bit overwhelmed in the beginning seeing so many questions popping out on the youtube channel. If there’s one thing testers are good at, this is ASKING QUESTIONS. No matter the topic or the scope or the subject in question, they do ask everything:

  • What are product risks
  • What are your biggest concerns regarding the application
  • What does the app do?
  • Can we attend STWC and watch WC matches in the same time
  • Can we start test?
  • Do you have any test cases?
  • and 700+ more questions

Teams were asked to test a sales application used by sales people (doooh) in analyzing online reputations of other competitors. The software is already live in production so the challenge was up to the task. The focus was suppose to be mainly on mobile devices, specific iPad, iPad mini & iPhone or anything mobile with screen larger than 4 inches, using any browsers (suggestion was Chrome). Also, some constraints strongly specified a couple of times, out of which “No performance testing, we will send you the bill” and “No security testing! if you trigger Google intrusion alert is your problem”.

The peak moment of the event, was represented by HP Agile Manager bug, by which you were able to see other team’s bugs, if you knew how to increment a value within HP ALM URL. Still there were people not offended by this which I truly congratulate for their spirit of fair play, while others decided to quit or lower their efforts due to lack of motivation.

Moving forward, after 3 hours of continuous testing, the teams (or most of them)  have successfully built and sent their test reports, describing their findings and the approach taken. Seeing those reports, I find some of them truly inspiring while others were totally superficially built.

Number of defects reported is overwhelming, a total of 3169, proving once again the power of testing. Congratulations to everyone involved in this event and best of luck to all participants in the final round!

I most definitely enjoyed the preliminaries round and I will most definitely enjoy the evaluations to be made in the following days!


Enjoy testing!


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