STWC 2016 – the grand finale

-1928 England defeats Australia by record 675 runs at Brisbane

– 1967 The Beatles’ clothing store “Apple” opens at 94 Baker Street, London

– 2016 Software Testing World Cup Final takes place in Potsdam

7 teams: Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, South America, North America are competing for the title of best software testing team in the world, part of Agile Testing Days conference in Potsdam Germany.

Last couple of months were full of testing as the continental rounds took place. Hundreds of teams competing in an online event to earn a spot in Potsdam final round. After many hours spent on judging thousand of bugs and hundreds of test reports, the finalists are now competing face to face:

  • The Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
  • Team BugTerrier
  • RP Pest Control
  • Team One Day Testing
  • Mentor Graphics Team IQ Lab Technomaniacs
  • Quest Aotearoa

….are flexible their muscles and laptops in testing an Android App called Moovel, who commits to create the future of urban mobility.
During the 3 hours of testing each team is expected to deliver a list of defects and a comprehensive test report which will bring them the fame of becoming the best software testing team part of the event.
The Product Owners offered at team’s disposal 2 taxi cars enabling testers to explore end2end scenarios, involving various types of users and various scenarios.
Cameras and interviews are also here to capture every moment of the event. Discussions are happening, tension is building, teams are getting louder and louder while time runs up
“10 minutes left, get your test reports”, “send that email, 9 minutes and 20 seconds left to get your bug reports in” puts a bit of pressure on the teams which wrapping up their work.
A long night is yet to follow to pick the best team. It’s been a long day, it’s going to be a long but fulfilling night.

Going to get a quick dinner, get to you tomorrow with the results!
Over to you now,



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