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Test Automation, where to?


End of year, time for new resolutions and since test automation is still a debatable topic, worth looking into the the future opportunities it can provide. But first, let’s have a look in the past few years and see which were the main trends that I managed to identify. More than 3 years ago, Selenium […]

STWC 2016 – the grand finale

-1928 England defeats Australia by record 675 runs at Brisbane – 1967 The Beatles’ clothing store “Apple” opens at 94 Baker Street, London – 2016 Software Testing World Cup Final takes place in Potsdam 7 teams: Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, South America, North America are competing for the title of best software testing team […]

Testing from pseudoscience to science


Couple of years ago I started my doctoral studies in the area of software testing. I wanted to research “The differences in testing approaches in different organizational cultures”. While I decided to postpone it due to some personal beliefs on the value of a doctoral diploma, the scientific method of doing software testing is one […]

Yes, I will


Yes, I will…. not hesitate to choose the right testing option even if it’s not the easy one. say no, if what you ask me to do, conflicts with my professional ethic. take my part of responsibility on a failed project. skip meetings with no agenda or specific purpose refuse to do test automation, just […]

Santa Clause does not bring you testing


“Who is paying for the testing activities and why?” Based on a series of very recent events, it occurred to me that one area of software testing which is often neglected, relates to “how do we get to test?” Scene 1 – It all started with a conversation during coffee breaks, about my current testing activities. During conversations […]